Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This is where you should be able to find answers to the most common questions prospective in blogging, digital space, marketing etc customers might have. We would be adding more and more questions every day as per industry and reader’s demands. In a nutshell, your complete 1 Stop shop to stay updated, is on this blog.

What is the need for Local SEO?

  • About 46% of all searches on Google are local.
  • About 86% smartphone users use a search engine once a day.
  • About 75% local searches results in a phone call.
  • About 80% of local mobile searches result in offline purchases.
  • About 90% look up the location of a business on Google maps.

How to do SEO of the website for Voice search?

The SEO for voice search queries is different from text searches. These are the few things you need to take care of-

  • Research for ‘longer long tail keywords’ that contain four to five keywords or more.
  • Use trigger keywords like how, what, best, where, why, the etc.
  • Write a topic specific page.
  • Answer the question directly; do not beat around the bush.
  • Write the content as if you are talking to another person.
  • Understand the customer’s query and optimize it accordingly.
  • Most important- Add Schema markup to your site.
  • Other best practices include webpage speed, mobile compliance, XML sitemap, site authority, SSL certification, easy navigation, Alt tag in images, keywords in headings and paragraphs, local reviews, local page optimization.

How to Start a Blog & Monetize it Effectively?

Generally first and foremost, you start by purchasing a Custom Domain name for your website. For example, You should also need to buy a Hosting solution to host your website.

  1. Start adding content and blog posts in your niche.
  2. Make various Social Profiles for your brand which in this case would be your blog or website.
  3. Learn & perform On-page & Off-page SEO for your blog to get traffic from Search Engines such as Google, Bing etc.